The Board

Scot Ursum

Member Since: 2003

Bio: Although I've been involved in sports my whole life, I didn't start running until my early 30's. After my first 5K I was hooked on the competitiveness of the sport. After a miserable 2003 Riverbank Run 25K, I decided to check out a run club that would later be called RunGR, and I found that I was training all wrong. Not all training runs had to be at a tempo pace and I had to run slower in order to get faster, which seemed totally counterproductive. I put faith in our coach's training plan and I got my Boston Marathon qualifying time at the 2003 Chicago Marathon. Since then, I've accomplished things in the sport of running that I never would've imagined I was capable of, and have met some amazing people along the way.

Fun Fact: Once beat Kyle Cutler in an alternating progression workout.

Paige Boldt
Vice President

Member Since: 2014

Bio: I started running as a way to stay in shape as a swimmer in high school. Turns out I loved running more than any other sport. I learned from an early age that running was a process that includes many miles of hard work for a few moments of "glory". I ran collegiately at Ferris State University on scholarship. After competing at a collegiate level, I still craved a team dynamic and a coach to mentor me. I found RunGR and have loved it ever since. It has allowed me to meet some of my closest friends and helped me continue to train at a high level even post collegiately. I am so thankful that Grand Rapids has such an amazing running community, and RunGR is a big part of that.

Fun Fact: I grew up dog sled racing and that's where I got my first need for speed.

Laura Gibson

Member Since: 2017

Bio: After losing about 40 pounds through at-home programs, a friend talked me into doing a sprint triathlon. I hadn't run once since 'the mile' in middle school, so the idea of running 5k terrified me. During training for that race, I fell in love with running and have never looked back. When I first started running, I always did it solo. My friend invited me to run with her and the thought of holding a conversation while running seemed completely horrible to me. I finally caved and joined her for a run, realized how much more fun it is to do it with others, and joined RunGR shortly after that. Since joining the club and completing the structured workouts, I have shaved over 10 minutes off my half marathon time and competed my first full marathon without hitting 'the wall.' I'm so thankful for RunGR!

Fun Fact: I have a surprisingly accurate internal clock - if you ask me what time it is, 90% of the time I will be able to tell you accurately within 3 minutes.

Lisa Barrett

Member Since: 2013

Bio: After gaining a significant amount of weight in my late 20's, I joined RunGR days after my 30th birthday with big hopes to get healthy and run my first 10K, but in true RunGR fashion, I found myself training for a half-marathon and 25K instead. Before joining this group, I never considered myself a runner, having only run a couple of 5Ks. Now I've run two full marathons, over 20 half-marathons (or longer), a triathlon and a duathlon. I love the structured workouts, training plans, and coaching that has helped me to continue to accomplish new goals every year. Besides my improved health and the goals that I've achieved, the friendships I've gained from RunGR is by far my favorite part of this awesome group.

Fun Fact: I have two hidden talents: creating balloon animals and parallel parking.

David VanTongeren
Marketing Director

Member Since: 2016

Bio: I began running in 2015 because I wasn't quite happy with the state of my physical & mental health and I wanted to regain the ambition that felt I lacked at the time, so I signed up for my first race - the Grand Rapids Marathon. The work was grueling but I loved the structured training and saw the results permeate into other aspects of my life. I finished the marathon in 4hr 50m and I was hooked! After dabbling with a couple of other running groups, a friend told me that if I wanted to get fast RunGR was the only option. His advice worked! I have since cut nearly 2 hours off of my marathon time and I've connected with an outstanding group of individual who inspire me to achieve more.

Fun Fact: My nickname is DVT. It also stands for Deep Vein Thrombosis, so that's fun.

Nick Liversedge
Membership Director

Member Since: 2014

Bio: At the age of 10 I joined a running club at my elementary school and ran my first 5k race in over 28 minutes. Motivated, I trained all summer and ran my second 5k race in 23 minutes. After seeing the results of hard work over those two races and a short period of time, I was hooked. Since then, running has truly been a lifelong sport. I competed at the state level in high school, graduated from Hillsdale College on an athletic scholarship, and now have my dream career in the running industry. Today I continue to train, race and most importantly, live through the sport. I joined RunGR in 2015 and ever since have appreciated the community, accountability and purpose that the group provides.

Fun Fact: Nick still holds the middle school mile record at Forest Hills Central Middle School and welcomes any current FHC Middle schooler to challenge him for the record: any time, any place.

David Billingsley
Social Chair

Member Since: 2010

Bio: I have been running for over thirty years now and a member of RunGR for eight. I started with the group hoping to improve my running. Little did I know that it would also improve my life. I came for the running and I have stayed for all of the amazing people in the group. My training has evolved from running marathons to racing 5k's. The most fun that I have though is in Mike's training; I run those faster than my races.

Fun Fact: I've had to ask Dave Jorgensen to be quiet on long runs because he was talking too much.

Kyle Cutler
Race Director

Member Since: 2009

Bio: I have been a distance runner ever since I switched from soccer to track in high school. My coach didn't know what to do with me, so he tossed me in a 2 mile event for the first meet and I ended up winning it. I remember thinking how long 8 laps was going to seem, but many decades later here I am! I have run a variety of races, including marathons.

Fun Fact: Half marathons are my favorite distance. When not running, I'm a small farm enthusiast.