RunGR is a Grand Rapids running club who lives, trains and runs to become better athletes. We are a group of everyday people accomplishing amazing things on the roads and trails.

About Us

RunGR is a Grand Rapids running club made up of people with a wide range of skill levels and ages, all trying to better themselves and their community through running. With the guidance of two respected coaches, this group will help add the structure and purpose to your routines needed to take your running to the next level. RunGR has a training program for all levels.


RunGR meets as a group every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Our Tuesday and Thursday workouts focus on building strength and speed with an interval, hill, or tempo workout. Saturday workouts focus on endurance with a long run. The Tuesday and Thursday sessions meet at 6:00pm year-round, with an additional 6:00am option offered during the summer months. The Saturday long runs meet a 7:00am during the summer and 8:00am during the rest of the year.


Running locations are usually within the greater Grand Rapids area. We have a rotation of familiar locations around Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapids. A weekly newsletter is emailed to all members at the start of each week with the time and location of each workout.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring running to the Grand Rapids community in a way that enables our members to live healthier and happier lives by providing the structure, organization, support, training, guidance, and friendships necessary to push themselves to new limits and acheive their running goals. At the core of this mission are our values: (1) dignified and respectful treatment of others; (2) integrity of actions; (3) encouragement of others; and (4) inclusivity of all ages and skill levels.

Member Benefits

  • Workouts led by a Level II certified USA Track and Field Coach Michael Wojciakowski, and Assistant Coach Rob Hyde.
  • Access to training plans designed by Coach Michael Wojciakowski.
  • Aid stations with water, Gatoraid, and/or sports gels and chews provided.
  • Free entry into RunGR's premier event, the LMCU Bridge Run.
  • Free RunGR team shirt.
  • Access to educational events about training, goal setting, sports psychology, nutrition, etc.

More Info

Our Events

Fast Feet Running Camp Cancelled for 2020

The Fast Feet Running Camp offers kids (aged 5-12) an introduction to the fundamentals of track and field. The camp will give future track stars a chance to gain experience, knowledge and skills in a fun, energetic atmosphere.


Magic of the Mile Cancelled for 2020

While national pride may not be up for grabs, RunGR is providing you the opportunity to experience the fame & glory of the mile! Whether this is your first time stepping foot on a track or you are experienced, the Magic of the Mile will provide you excitement.


Cross Country Team Challenge Cancelled for 2020

Running IS a team sport and the Cross Country Team Challenge allows you and four of your friends to experience it all together. This event resembles a high school style cross country meet, using standard scoring and a 5K course.


Lake Michigan Credit Union Bridge Run Cancelled for 2020

The 2018 Lake Michigan Credit Union Bridge Run provides you the chance to see some of the best sights in Grand Rapids. Whether you pick the 10 Mile Run, 5K Run, or 5K Walk your journey will start in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids at Rosa Parks Circle.


Sponsored Events

Camp Running Roots Cancelled for 2020

Camp Running Roots offers individuals or couples the opportunity to explore paths to improve health and enjoy life. Mike and Amorena Wojciakowski will act as your hosts at this three day, two night adventure where running, eating, and relaxing collide. The stay is all-inclusive and will offer such amenities as sunrise yoga, kayaking, and demonstrations on healthy snacking. Yes, some running will be done, but it will be the memories, not the miles, you take away from this camp.


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We're happy you're interested in joining our running club. A running club is a great way to stay motivated and focused on your goals. Running with others helps the workouts pass more quickly, keeps you accountable for completing the workout, and helps to push you a little further than if you were running alone.

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