Frequently Asked Questions

When can I join as a new RunGR member?

We offer rolling enrollment - you may sign up at any time and your membership will expire one year from that date.

Are there different types of memberships?

Yes, we offer three types of memberships: Individual, Family and Student. Click here for more details.

Can I join the group for a trial run before signing up?

Yes, we welcome anyone to join us and bring a friend for a couple of visits to get a feel for the group. We ask that you introduce yourself to Coach Woj or Coach Rob to let him know that you are visiting!

How do I know what workout is planned or where the run is located if I want to try the group out?

If you have a friend or family member who is an existing member, they receive a weekly newsletter with each week's workouts and locations. If not, you may contact us to inquire about upcoming workout locations. You will also need to sign a waiver before running with the group.

Is there a specific event the group is training for?

The workout schedules are generally planned around a major Spring & Fall goal event for our membership; however, the training programs can be altered individually to help you achieve your goals at your race. Here are a few examples of targeted events: Irish Jig 5K, Boston Marathon, 5/3 Riverbank Run, Bayshore Marathon/Half Marathon, Brian Diemer 5K, XC Team Challenge, Magic of the Mile, The Bridge Run, Grand Rapids Marathon.

What can I expect on my first Tuesday/Thursday workout?

Workouts change weekly; however, generally a workout will include a 1-2 mile warm-up, 3-6 miles of interval/hill/tempo work and a 1-2 mile cool-down. Workout lengths and distances can be altered to meet your needs and ability levels.

How long are Saturday long-runs?

The route for each week's long run is published beforehand and typically involves some form of "out & back" so it is easy to customize the route to your plan. Generally our membership runs any distance between 6 and 20+ miles on Saturday runs.

How will I know if there are other people who run my pace?

At any given run we have a wide variety of paces ranging from under 7 minutes per mile to 12+ minutes per mile. The best way to get connected is to introduce yourself to Coach Woj or Coach Rob who can connect you to members of similar ability.

How do I sign up?

There are two easy ways to sign up to become a member of RunGR. Visit our RunSignUp page here and either (1) Pay via credit card through RunSignUp; or (2) Print out an application and follow the instructions to mail a check.

Are there opportunities for social gatherings outside of the workouts for group members?

Our group has a variety of social meet ups. After every long run there is a coffee meet-up for those interested at a nearby cafe. We also have a beer run on most months at various breweries in Grand Rapids. Additionally, we also offer informal trail runs on Sundays during the summer months. Many of our members also informally get together after workouts and runs as well. RunGR also has bi-yearly kick-off to training plans, end of year party and holiday specific fun runs as well.

What if I want to improve my running in other ways, such as nutrition, sports psychology, etc?

RunGR is always trying to provide its members ways to become better athletes throughout the year. Coach Woj and Coach Rob have a combined 30+ years of coaching experience with several connections in the Grand Rapids areas if you need more specifics. We also offer "Wojinars" throughout the year where Coach Woj presents to the group on various topics - goal setting, mental preparation prior to racing, nutrition, etc.