Weather Policy

One of the best parts of our hobby is that it takes place outdoors. We typically will hold practices rain or shine, snow or sleet, hot or cold. Yet, we will occasionally be forced to change our plans due to Mother Nature. Our goal is both the safety of our members traveling to the practice and during the run. The RunGR board will use this policy to make decisions on when we would need to cancel or modify the schedule. RunGR Practices will be canceled or modified if:

  • Lightning is sighted and appears to be nearby
  • Rain is so heavy, it is determined not to be safe
  • Extreme temperatures; if it is determined to be unsafe (extremely low OR high)
  • Ice or sleet; if it is determined to make travel to practice or footing unsafe

We will try to make all decisions two hours prior to the scheduled time. Communications will be posted on our Facebook page. When canceled, coach nor any board member will be present.