Scholarship Program

The RunGR members, board, and coaches recognize that some individuals in our community may not have the funds for a membership but would greatly contribute to and benefit from being part of this team. We believe in inclusion and the value of a diverse RunGR. To make this membership more accessible, RunGR is proud to offer individual annual membership scholarships.

Application Process

  1. To ensure prospective members have a good sense of the RunGR community and our workouts, the board and coaches recommend that prospective scholarship recipients participate in a RunGR training workout, either through a 2-week trial, a RunGR community run, or as a member alumni. Click here to sign up for the free 2 week trial. Click here to learn more about upcoming community runs. Once you have a sense of which workout you’ll attend, please write to so we know to keep an eye out for you and introduce you to the coaches and the right pace group for your workout.
  2. Complete the application via Google Forms.
  3. The RunGR board will review applications once a month and grant scholarship memberships based on need and available funds.
  4. Applicants will receive a notification by the end of the calendar month if their application is approved for a scholarship membership.

Start Application

Questions? Please feel free to contact us at

How to Donate

If you are interested in donating to the RunGR scholarship fund, you can donate via PayPal or check. Please add "Scholarship Fund" in the PayPal notes or on the Memo line of your check. If the RunGR Scholarship should discontinue due to lack of financial support or interest, donations will go towards the RunGR general fund. RunGR is a 501c3 and any donation is tax deductible.



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